April 29, 2018

Cleaner Production

Cleaner Production is a company specific initiative in minimizing waste and emissions as well as maximizing product output. By analyzing the flow of materials and energy, an organization tries to identify the strategies to minimize waste and emissions out of industrial processes through source reduction. Several improvements are produced during the cleaner production system which is included efficiency of materials used, reduction in waste, waste water generation and reduction of gaseous emissions.

Several systems can be applied during the implementation of cleaner production which include :

  • Documentation of consumption (basic analysis of material and energy flow)
  • Use of indicator and controlling (identification of losses from poor planning, poor education and training)
  • Substitution of raw materials and auxiliary materials (renewable materials and energy)
  • Reuse of waste (internal or external)
  • Improved control and automation
  • Increase of useful life of auxiliary materials and process liquids.

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