April 29, 2018

Hospital Accreditation (JCI)

Joint Commission International (JCI) is one of the most high-respectable accreditation bodies that accredit the best healthcare organizations in all over the world. The accreditation standards always ensure that the healthcare organization will provide safe environment for all patients, staff and visitors.

With the accrediting experience for over 10 years, JCI experts from various countries have developed the international standards and set uniform, achievable expectations. JCI will also be the source for international community in benchmarking, risk reduction strategies, best practices, and reducing adverse events. JCI has also been a dedicated partner for the World Health Organization (WHO) to establish the patient safety solutions.

By gaining accreditation and certification from JCI your organization will:

  • Improve quality and patient safety that will increase public trust
  • Create the involvement of patients and families in making the decisions in care process
  • Enhance open learning culture from adverse events and safety concerns
  • Provide safe and efficient work environment that will increase staff satisfaction
  • Establish collaborative leadership to gain the quality care and patient safety.