April 29, 2018

IFSQMS (Integrated Food-Safety Quality Management System)

If your food products have a satisfied quality, yet were contaminated, so the consumers will refuse to consume it. And so for the product that safely packaged and biologically or chemically safe, on the other hand it has substandard shape, color and taste.

Being a company that can consistently commit to guarantee the food safety and customers’ satisfactions are very important. If neglected, the consumers will simply easily switch to the other competitors. By empowering your food business with food safety-quality in satisfying your markets is fundamental.

That’s why to struggle in the food business needs to have a management system, which copes food safety and quality. IFSQMS brings the basic concept in organizing the food business management system. Combined from the international standards and “best practice”, IFSQMS as the solution comes to gratify the consumers’ needs in food safety and quality.