April 29, 2018


PROPER (Program Penilaian Peringkat Kinerja Lingkungan Perusahaan) since its launch in 2002, was directed as the program for measuring indicator of environmental performance in Indonesia. It also acted as a reputational incentive regulation system based on categorical ratings of polluter’s environmental performance.

Environmental performance as focused in environmental media of hazardous waste, air, and water, was dominant in existing environmental regulations in Indonesia. Their compliance requirements vary by type of polluter, generally classified as industrial or non-industrial, stationary or mobile, and point or non-point source.

Below is the table of color criteria used by PROPER.

No Compliance Status Color Rating Performance Criteria
1 Beyond Comply Gold All requirements of Green, plus similar level of pollution control for air and hazardous water. Polluter reaches high international standards by making extensive use of clean technology, waste minimization pollution prevention, recycling, etc
2 Beyond Comply Green Pollution level is lower than the discharge standars by at least 50%. Polluter also ensures proper disposal of sludge; good housekeeping; accurate pollution records; and reasonable maintenance of the waste water treatment system
3 Comply Blue Polluter only applies effort sufficient to meet the standard
4 Not Comply Blue Polluter makes some effort to control pollution, but not sufficiently to achieve compliance
5 Not Comply Blue Polluter makes no effort to control pollution, or causes serious environmental damage