April 29, 2018

Specific Industries

Food Hygiene For Food Service

As the food service provider, you have to ensure the customer with a safe food, so there will be no complaints about the contaminations.

Contamination or food poisoning can cause fatal problem and even deprave the company’s positive image or financial loss. Food service like restaurant, café, food catering are possibly have it. And they need a perfect system to be implemented in order to obstruct it. Boost your business and customer satisfaction with food safety.


Food Hygiene For Patient Safety

A bad management of foods in hospital can cause many problems, for instance a messy-diet-identification, failure in food preparation, contamination, and poisoning. Along with increase of RAWAT INAP time or nursing-needed for treatment, the patients’ safety is important thing as well. At some time in the future, it will cause the hospital with negative image or even law problem, and this highly cost.

An effective food safety system is needed in order to prevent the food-caused-disease, which endangers the patients, to assure an optimal occupancy time, and to increase the patients’ turn over too. So that, do enhance your hospital solution for patient’s safety.


Canteen Hygiene

Canteen hygiene is the first step to ensure the safety of your employee and business. You might hear a food-poisoning problem in manufacturing company. It causes a lot of disadvantages for the company.

If your company provides the employees with the foods, so you have to consider all the factors in choosing the right food provider, unless you can’t give a good quality of food for the consumers.


Food Safety For Small Industry

If you have a small food business or maybe are the part of UMKM in Indonesia, there is one question you have to doubt about, “Will the Indonesian small industries will lose with the other countries in global market? What we have to do to survive the small industries among the others in Indonesia or outside country?”

One added value in food industry is food safety system. This can raise the compete potency, because :

  • Can fulfill the regulations to help in permission
  • Minimize the contamination risks / poisoning in order to get customer’s credibility
  • Help the sale in other countries since internationally certificated.

Food safety is an effective system for small food business.


Good Distribution Practices (GDP) For Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical products have to be guaranteed with a good handling along the distribution process, such as a good storage of facility, the transportation’s temperature, and safety.

Distribution is an important part of pharmaceutical product chain. Oftentimes, the company only focuses on production process, whereas its quality maybe affected by the process of delivery to the customers.

Thus, WHO published the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Standards for pharmaceutical products. The standards help to guarantee the quality and Pharmaceutical products’ integrity for all aspects in distribution process. Save the products’ quality and integrity with GDP, so you can ensure your products throughout supply chain.