April 29, 2018

Specific Requirements

Infrastructure Design Review

In food industry, discussing about the operational facilities, primarily it must protect the foods form any contaminations by assuring the infrastructure, product’s or employee’s way traffic, and perfectly location for facilities that fulfill the food safety requirements. You have to make it right ad safe from the very start.

When food safety system is implemented, the infrastructure preparation is the key. A defective constructed-system in facilities will be unsuccessful. As a consequence, maybe one day the owner has to rebuild the infrastructure in order to fulfill the necessity, and it will cost much money in renovating, block the system implementation, or even stop the production temporarily with the same operational cost.

Those problems could be avoided, if only the infrastructures are prepared and built from the beginning.

For you who own the food industry and in the process of infrastructure preparation, this will be a good solution to assure everything built well.


Food Defense

In building the food safety system, the effectiveness in preventing from the hazard potential of material, process, tools, and environment, is not a questionable thing. But you have to consider the food defense intended by irresponsible person, and certainly you need to prepare for preventing it. Maybe it would not happen in your facilities now, but assure when the last time you checked it.

This case will cause customer loss and degrade the company’s good image. So then to prevent it, you will need to identify and to prevent the hazard potency. Protect your food business from intentional incident.


Food Safety Quality Program in Supply Chain

Food safety and quality system in food industry won’t be effective, if it is implemented internally. External support will influence a lot in succeeding the built-system. This kind of failure will only be nothing for the customers.

Imagine, if you supplier can’t consistently guarantee the food safety and quality or maybe your distributor can’t handle your products well. You have to recheck and reassure about it.  And in this program, you will know who they are that can influence, the case study, even more about the influence itself.

One question that you have to consider, is “how you can handle the external part?”. So control the system beyond your food business.


HALAL Assurance System

Each consumer has different needs and demands, but there is one we can’t negotiate, it is need of HALAL assurance for Moslem consumers. If your food industry provide for Moslem consumers, this might be the most important thing to be concerned about.

The implementation of HALAL Assurance System guarantees you to declare that all of your products are HALAL. In this system, to assure the HALAL products, have to be identified all the ingredients, materials, and the production process.

HALAL assurance system’s principles have to be implemented in order to attain customers’ satisfaction and to guarantee the food products.

Be HALAL be safe!